What is UTransfer?

It is an easy and secure multi-currency digital platform created to offer a global crypto and fiat payment and remittance solution. UTransfer is a digital proposal that comes to the market to revolutionize the world of remittances through a scheme based on prepaid cards from anywhere in the world.

Utransfer proposes a mixed solution that integrates the fiat and crypto world allowing its users to manage their assets in the way they choose.  UTransfer users will be able to convert, transfer or withdraw them to the digital cryptocurrency of their choice.

How Utransfer works

Do everything with Utransfer

Send and receive

Easy, fast and secure, send money to your family or friends, anytime, anywhere.

Real time transfers

Make real time transfers between Utransfer accounts and use it as you want.

Use your prepaid card

Use your Utransfer card anywhere to make payments or just withdraw cash from any Visa compatible ATM.

All you need in one app

Biometric security

We use encryption to protect your information and monitor your activity to prevent unauthorized transactions

Utransfer for anyone

Send money to family and friends with Utransfer using a phone number or username. If they don’t have a Utransfer account you can request an additional prepaid card or they just create an Utransfer account to receive money anytime, anywhere

Use your money

Withdraw your money with multiple options and from the comfort of your home, you can request your virtual or physical prepaid card, which we will send to you anywhere, transfer to a bank account or simply use it make payments.

Tutorial videos

How to download Utransfer
How to register on Utransfer
How to require a prepaid card
How to send money to another user

Get your Utransfer Prepaid Card